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Szilárd Juhász

Oil On Paper

I was born (1989) and raised in Romania, which in itself served as fertile ground for inspiration later on. After graduating as a geological engineer from the University of Babes-Bolyai, Cluj Napoca, I moved to Budapest, Hungary in 2013, where my artistic journey truly started to evolve, turning from music to visual arts: digital painting and fine art. 


Miss Cat-Bat With A Beak
Oil On Paper

My portraits reflect a transformation, an internal conflict and the beauty of imperfection. The juxtaposition of abstract and figurative, charcoal and oil, organic and geometric, dull and bold bright colours portraying subjects with obscured features pose questions on the evolving identity, desires, change, self-doubt and melancholy with a dose of playful optimism.

Delicately Deformed - Shades Of Pink On Desaturated Emerald
Oil On Paper

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