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Dibarti x 9 The Gallery

Curator: Gao Wenjian


We meet, anywhere, anytime. At the meeting point, we sense both the past and the unknown future. Where indeed will we convene?The title of the exhibition comes from a book named "Here Is Where We Meet" by John Berger. In this book, Berger takes us on a journey across Europe, exploring encounters between the living and the dead. Is it the location that shapes these earthly encounters, or is it predetermined by some supernatural force that certain relationships must unfold in specific places?This photography exhibition consists of two segments: "Invitation Meetings" and "Submission Meetings"This exhibition marks the inaugural event of the "Enter the America Photography Program", a collaborative effort encompassing the submission, selection, exhibition, promotion, and sale of artworks. We have deeply collaborated with American art agent DIBARTI and the established find art gallery 9 the Gallery for this exhibition. The "Enter the America Photography Program" is a crucial component of our overseas development endeavor.In 2017, I wrote: High-priced artworks in the photography collection are often the trump cards of operators and a common marketing tactic. They claim that the prices of photographers' works are determined by the market, but in reality, they are primarily controlled by operators.This includes the lack of knowledge about photography collection among some domestic Chinese collectors, leading to frequent occurrences of 'calling a deer a horse' and 'bundled sales.' For long-term investment in collections, collectors have gone their separate ways and lost interest.For photographers, we have always advocated for 'bringing in,' but not 'going out.'Chinese photography hasn’t surfaced in either the domestic art world or the international art world and it has also misled Chinese photographers into blindly setting price of their works.This is one-sided and extreme. The works we 'bring in' do not fully represent the quality of the international photography, so it is worth pondering.Through 'Going Out,' we create encounters and collaborate with American art organizations, pushing the boundaries of Chinese photography capabilities while promoting cultural exchange. We are keen on evolving ourselves and making changes that can bring Chinese photography onto the international stage.

Wang Xueya 汪雪涯《我非我#1 I Am Not I》.jpg

Wang Xueya

I Am Not I #4

Feng Min

Shadow in the Woods

Feng Min冯敏《林间踪影Shadow in the Woods》.jpeg
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