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Pavel V Yakovlev (P . V . Y)

Lives and works in Russia.

2. P.V.Y. - Ostiumanim_2014.jpg

Oil On Canvas

I started the Inochi heno bojo series in 2010. I came up with an inspiration from Japanese cartoons and from the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic that I had played before. The idea came when I was in the army. It was in the Caucasus mountains. I was also inspired by the views of the mountain slopes and the mountainous climate. The first name of the series is Ostiumanim or the Gate of the Soul. But this name did not accurately explain the idea of ​​the series, so I gave a new name in 2021. The new name is Longing for Life. I translated it into Japanese (the Inochi heno bojo) because this series has links to Japanese culture. This series is about longing for feelings that I have already experienced and therefore I cannot experience again. In Eastern philosophy, this also can be interpreted as the expectation of rebirth in order to feel everything again.

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Oil on Canvas

Oil on Canvas

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Single Figure
Oil on Canvas

Oil on Canvas

3. P.V.Y. - Ostiumanim_2014.jpg
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