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Shuxing TIAN


Born in 1983, China.
Lives and works in Beijing.
Well-known for his Bamboo Fengshui, and hyperrealism.

The ONLY Chinese artist we represent.
Tian has a long term view, and always thinks out of the box. He would like his artwork to be criticized under a global context.

Bamboo No 9,
Oil On Canvas

When it comes to bamboo, we must think of literati and gentlemen. Shan is not just that simple. Bamboo has a greater meaning and effect in Chinese philosophy. The so-called bamboo heart can carry objects, but the water has already carried the gas. When we read the work carefully, he will tell us his personality and emotions, and this kind of silent information is extremely important to a person and a space, like an innocent face, he will let you Quietness will make you happy, and it will also bring you good luck.



谈到竹子我们势必要想到文人和君子,单不仅仅是这么简单。竹在中国哲学里是有更大意 义和作用的。所谓竹心能载物,留水已载气。我们用心去读作品的同时,他会告诉我们他的性格 和情绪,而这种无声的信息对一个人一个空间来说是极为重要的,就像一张天真无邪的脸,他会 让你安静,会让你快乐,也会给你带来好运。

A Cow That Brings Luck to You 

田树兴 大地之子-吉牛 20 x 30 cm 坦培拉 Tempera 2021.jpg
田树兴 文竹 30 x 150cm 布面油画 2018  18000 RMB.jpg

Bamboo on Green Background 
Oil on Canvas

田树兴 坦培拉之恋the love of Tempera 60x50cm 坦培拉 Tempera 2021 45000 RMB.jpg


Bamboo on Blue Background 
Oil on Canvas

田树兴 , 竹象, No.8 , 布面油画 ,  30 x 150 cm  , 2018,12000 RMB.jpg
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