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Ochiai Yoshiki Sugawara Michizane


Original creation time: 1864

Collections of the same edition: Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Waseda University Museum

Sugawara Michizane (AD 845-AD 903), the mid-Heian period of Japan, the minister and scholar. Born in the family of scholars for generations, Senator Sugawara is the third son of Good. Longer than Chinese poetry, he is respected by the Japanese as the god of learning. In 877, he served as the assistant of the second department and was a doctor of essays. Won the trust and reuse of Emperor Uta and Emperor Daigo. In 894, he was appointed as the ambassador to Tang Dynasty. In 899, he was appointed Minister of Right. In 901, due to the left minister Fujiwara Tobihira slandering the emperor, he was relegated to the commander-in-chief and transferred to a remote place. Died soon after being demoted. In 903, he was awarded a posthumous minister of the Supreme Court. After Sugawara's death, he was revered as "the god of thunder" and "the god of culture" because of the thunder incident in the Cheongnyangden.


Ochiai Yoshiiku (Ochiai Yoshiiku), a Japanese ukiyo-e painter from the end of the Bakumatsu to the early Meiji period, created important works that are indispensable in the history of ukiyo-e, but his popularity is not as good as that of contemporary painters such as Tsukioka Yoshii and Kawasai. As a master of Utagawa Kuniyoshi (Utagawa Kuniyoshi), Ochiai Yoshiki created a wide range of Ukiyo-e subjects, including beauty paintings, warrior paintings, and yakuza paintings. He also drew illustrations for news papers.

落合芳几 菅原道真


原版 创作时间 :1864




落合芳几(Ochiai Yoshiiku),日本幕末至明治初年浮世绘画家,创作了浮世绘历史上不可缺少的重要作品,知名度却不及同时代的月冈芳年、河锅晓斋等画家。作为歌川国芳(Utagawa Kuniyoshi)的门人,落合芳几创作的浮世绘题材相当广泛,包括美人画、武者绘、役者绘等,还为新闻报纸绘制了插图。

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