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Ting Qun Zhang


Oil on linen

My work is based on my philosophical doctrine. Lines and abstraction are eternal elements for me. They are identical. I draw with a Chinese hair brush,  immersing myself in massive, colorful background canvas.

The contemplation of the essence of time and civilization runs through my creation. Starting from linear experiments, I try to use abstract language to express an individual's reflection on civilization. The concept of “line” and “time” is very similar in that both are nonexistent inventions, and are mental "diagrams" of human beings who cut time and space. Using lines to express time is actually the abstraction of an abstraction. At the same time, the Mobius ring in my work is a metaphor for my reflection on the Chinese civilization that I have been immersed in for a long time: under the constantly changing surface, there underneath is a kind of logic of homogeneous circulation. The paradox is that it always makes people feel that they are about to arrive at a critical “transition period” or a “node”, which evokes people's illusion and desire, whether it is the end of suffering or a new beginning. But in fact, all these are endless iterations on the inevitable track.

At the same time, this structure is also akin to the Chinese language. The opposite concepts such as positive and negative, “yin” and “yang”, right and wrong are eliminated, and even the transition often happens unconsciously. The Mobius ring interwoven with lines is like a magic cage composed of countless ropes. “Openness”is used to create closure, and “impermanence” is utilized to achieve “eternity”. We can't think about it with the familiar logic, because the very act of “thinking” will also inevitably fall into the destiny of endless circling.


Oil on linen

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